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Running your way through Delaware’s Junction and Breakwater Trail!

Running in DelawareThe fall season at the Delaware beaches can easily be described as a fitness paradise - no gym pass needed.  The conditions are near perfect with no humidity, sunny skies and 70 degree weather – glorious!!  What could be better then lacing up your favorite sneaks and heading out for a magnificent run?!  Leave your iPod at home - the peaceful sounds and sights of leaves falling, the ocean pounding against the beaches and dogs running free (in complete heaven) on the sand – might be the most perfect way to spend an hour and get fit at the same time.

Delaware Breakwater Junction TrailThe Delaware Junction and Breakwater Trail is a favorite place for a long run.  The 5- mile trail (or six if you start in Rehoboth) will take you on a journey though corn stalks, farm life, lush trees, foot-bridges that overlook breath-taking wetlands, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see a couple of peaceful, doe-eyed deer.  It’s a must for a fall exercise experience! 



posted on: Thursday, Sep 6, 2012 6:23 PM
by: Delaware Tourism Office

Hunting Season in Delaware

Kids and parents know that when the air turns crisp and the days get shorter school is right around the corner. But these changes also signal the return of a favorite pastime for families and friends: Hunting season in Delaware is just a few weeks away, and it’s time to fish out the gear and get ready.

Delaware hunting

Opening day of dove season, on Sept. 1, is always the starting gun for the rest of hunting season and the dog’s first workout to loosen the cobwebs and get back in gear in preparation for the seasons that lie ahead.

Early duck season comes next, and here it’s always a fertile one: Delaware is in the Atlantic Flyway and located on a coastal flat that contains some of the most productive marshes in the country. Theoretically, a hunter can bag up to six ducks per day, which with any luck can be accomplished in a couple of hours or all day depending on many factors such as location, weather and habitat.

After the ducks comes the long-awaited Canada goose season, which is special to my son and I because hunting on opening day is a tradition. We have hunted together on the opening day of goose season since he was a young boy. Now he is my guide, caller and hunting companion. There is nothing better than the banter we share as we sit in the blind and wait for the sunrise.

Delaware huntingTo be outdoors, watching the beauty and bounty all around you, is absolutely awe-inspiring. One of my favorite parts is following the dogs’ eyes stalk the bird, and then watching them work to fetch the fowl. This is all part of the experience of hunting.

Snow Geese are in at the same time, but, as most hunters know, they also have an extended season. They are a hit-or-miss species that can wipe out a cornfield or marsh in a matter of days.

Shotgun deer season usually begins in the second week of November. With plenty of good habitat around, the butcher shops are often loaded with Delaware’s venison.

Delaware hunting

While Wild Turkey and small game can also be bagged in Delaware, the above seasons are the ones that put tourists on the scent to travel and hunt in the First State.

The state’s public land and stewardship provide many opportunities for access to some of the finest hunting land in Delaware. We are also home to two National Wildlife Refuges that provide public hunting access. And the Del. 9 corridor, which runs along the East Coast of Delaware, offers a scenic byway dotted with wildlife areas and access to view the birds that make their way to Delaware each fall.

If you are into hunting, give Delaware a try - you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

*Featured guest blog post by Linda Parkowski – Director of Tourism, State of Delaware.


posted on: Wednesday, Sep 5, 2012 1:26 PM
by: Delaware Tourism Office

Delaware: a Fisherman’s Dream Destination

It may sound pretty pretentious for us to put Delaware down as fisherman’s dream, but it’s true. From the Atlantic Ocean to fresh water ponds, there are tons of locations in Delaware to reel in the big catch.

Delaware FishingSome of the best ways to fish in Delaware is either by charter or surf fishing. There are a multitude of fishing charters and marinas from Fisherman’s Wharf in Lewes (offerings charter boats and sightseeing vessels) to Delaware City Marina in northern Delaware (offering floating docks, fuel service and much more). If you find yourself to be more on the beginner side of being a fisherman, don’t worry! The charters have all you need and will instruct you. Some will also take visitors out on guided tours of the Atlantic coastline. Now, if you are more of a landlubber, then surf fishing would be the way to go. Some of the most popular places to surf fish in Delaware are either Cape Henlopen State Park or Delaware Seashore State Park. Pull up a chair, cast out your line, and wait for a great fight with one of the many different species of fish that are waiting for you in the Delaware Bay or Ocean.

Delaware FishingIf salt-water fishing is not for you, Delaware also has many different outlets for fresh water fishing. Some of our most popular places to fresh water fish are Moores Lake in Dover, Concord Pond in Seaford (which is one of the largest fishing ponds in Delaware) and Brandywine Creek State Park in Wilmington.

For our Trout fans, there are all sorts of spots along the Delaware River for fly fishing as well as White Clay Creek State Park, which is the First State’s premier fly fishing location.

Delaware is known for many great attractions and events. When you combine a fishing trip with the various other activities offered in the state, then Delaware truly becomes a fisherman’s dream come true. For ideas on a fishing trip to Delaware, go to http://www.visitdelaware.com/things-to-do/fishing.


posted on: Tuesday, Jun 12, 2012 2:04 PM
by: Delaware Tourism Office

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