Assisted Living

  • Friday, Sep. 29, 2017
  • Time: 14:00:00
Milton Theatre
110 Union St
Milton, DE

From early retirement right up to the pulling of the plug, 21st Century seniors are partying like it’s 1969. Imagine: no work, no pregnancy and a full array of Medicare-subsidized pharmaceuticals. They are partying at Pelican Roost, the full-service retirement community that is home to the 18 different characters played by the show’s two actors. Assisted Living: The Musical® is for everyone who is aging, or hopes to do so someday. You’ll see your parents, your friends and maybe some of yourself. I doubt there's another show touring, that can entertain the "senior" audience and their families as well as Assisted Living the Musical. This show nails it!" -Las Vegas Review Journal -Las Vegas Review Journal " Gently funny, & touching on topics near and dear to baby boomers and their parents." -San Francisco Examiner "A feel good show with lots of laughs.Bring your Mom and Dad, walkers and all"- San Francisco Chronicle