Terrific Tuesdays at Winterthur

  • Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017
  • Recurring weekly on Tuesday
  • Time: 10:00:00 to 15:00:00
Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library
5105 Kennett Pike (Route 52)
Wilmington, DE
  • Price: Members and children under 2 free; nonmembers: $5 per child and one adult; additional adults $15.
  • Phone: (800) 448-3883

Tuesdays in July and August 10:00 am–3:00 pm Hands-on crafts and games based on things in the museum, garden, and library teach kids ages 3–10 about an assortment of opposites, while special guests highlight skills and trades from past and present. New activities and guests each week. Continue to check the website for detailed information. Members and children under 2 free; nonmembers: $5 per child and one adult; additional adults $15. Themes and activities for each week: July 4 Independence Day Dress up like George Washington, consider the role of tea in the Revolution, and learn to fold a five-pointed star with just one snip as you learn more about Independence Day opposites such as hot and cold, local and global, and even hot dogs and hamburgers! July 11 Dull vs. Shiny Why are some things dull and others shiny? Why do some shiny things lose their luster over time? Come find out more from Winterthur art conservation technicians, who will highlight their work on metal objects, and from ceramicist Heather Ossandon, who will demonstrate how glazes make dull clays shiny. Objects in the museum and garden inspire additional activities. July 18 Genuine vs. Imitation The exhibition Treasures on Trial explores ways to tell a fraud from an original. Test your mettle as a curator as you race to find the differences between two chairs. Create imitation peonies and a book with a secret. Cook up some faux food with the help of Winterthur experts and talk with cabinetmaker Steve Latta. July 25 Light vs. Dark Color, sunlight, and fireflies—among other things—inspire our fun this week. Art conservators demonstrate ways light can both damage objects or help us better understand them. August 1 Rigid vs. Flexible Are you rigid or flexibile? Some materials are both. Learn how skilled tinsmiths Pat and Ray Oxenford and members of the Delaware Basketmakers Association make wood and metal bend to create beautiful and useful objects. Additional activities explore these concepts as they pertain to nature and to art conservation. August 8 Natural vs. Synthetic What did people use for buckets and drinking cups before the invention of plastic? What do candles and cosmetics have in common? Discover the answers to these questions—and others you didn’t know you had—as we consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of both natural and synthetic materials. Winterthur flower arrangers and paintings conservator Matt Cushman provide additional perspectives on this topic. August 15 Plain vs. Fancy Hair styles, architecture, food, and even gatherings with friends can be plain or fancy. Curator of ceramics Leslie Grigsby talks with kids about plain and fancy dishes. Members of the Brandywine Fiber Guild introduce kids to an array of textiles. August 22 Big vs. Little Big things sometimes come in small packaging. Learn about big and little seeds with horticulturalist Patti Pleva and use traditional tools to print your initials in lowercase and uppercase letters with preventive conservation aid and artist Aaron Morris. Additional activities will explore the concepts of scale, growth, and even telling time. August 29 Inside vs. Outside Before a table was a table, it was a tree! Learn more from furniture conservator Mark Anderson and arborist Kevin Braun. Discover how art conservators combat outside forces within the walls of the museum and investigate nature as inspiration for objects used within the home.