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"Bach and Rach" at The Delaware Symphony Orchestra


May 1, 2015

Bach's Musical Offering is a complex, varied workout of a tune given to him by King Frederick the Great. Bach's unstoppable genius created a series of canons, sonatas and fugues of mind-boggling complexity. We'll play some examples as well as the kaleidoscopic orchestration by 20th Century composer Anton Webern, of the crown jewel of the Musical Offering, the six-voice Ricercare. We'll also play Webern's own foray into Baroque forms with his early and hyper-Romantic Passacaglia. The second half features Rachmaninoff's glorious 2nd Symphony---written the same year as the Passacaglia. Its lush tunefulness and unbridled passion have made it a standard-bearer of Romantic style.

99 Kings Highway • Dover, DE 19901 • 1-866-284-7483
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