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Capers and Lemons Italian Restaurant and Market


  • 301 Little Falls Dr.
  • Wilmington, DE 19808
  • Phone: (302) 256-0524
  • Fax: (302) 256-0528
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Capers & Lemons Italian Restaurant and Market is the Platinum Dining Group’s translation of a contemporary Italian restaurant. Blending worlds old & new, the menu offers a wide-ranging collection of Italian inspired dishes. Flour dusted hands mold fragile pastas and crackling pizzas alike…beef simmers slowly in a bubbling pool of rustic tomato sauce while chicken mingles with lemon and white wine in an aromatic union.

  • Hours: Monday-Saturday 1130am-1am, Sunday 12pm-9pm
  • Bar:
  • Disabled Access:
  • Group Friendly:
  • Lounge:
  • Fare Rate: $
99 Kings Highway • Dover, DE 19901 • 1-866-284-7483
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