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DGT Judge Morris Estate


  • 76 Polly Drummond Hill Rd.
  • Newark, DE 19711
  • Phone: (302) 368-6900
  • Fax: (302) 761-4685
  • Visit Website

The Cache is not at the posted coordinates.

Use Parking lot for the Judge Morris Area of White Clay Creek State Park located off of Polly Drummond Hill Road.

The first stage will take you to a sign board where you need to get some information
"X" is the third digit in the year the 1 ½ story wing was added, i.e 18X0’s
"Y" is the third digit of the final year the Judge served as President of the U of D Board of Trustees, i.e 1939-19Y9.

The final stage is located at: 39 D 42.X52 and 75 D 42.4Y9
Sum check X + Y = 7

Now take the short walk around the back of the house to find the cache. Then check out the gardens and walk down toward the pond. You can bring a fishing pole, but it is catch and release.

DGT Judge Morris Estate (Coordinates) - N 39° 42.227 W 075° 42.507

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99 Kings Highway • Dover, DE 19901 • 1-866-284-7483
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