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Hickmans Tree Farm


  • 472 Massey Church Rd
  • Smyrna, DE 19977
  • Phone: (302) 653-6088
  • E-Mail

Bill and Leslie Hickman bought their farm in 1969, when the land was just a field. In the early years, they experimented with different farm crops. They planted an orchard, raised cows and horses, and grew a large produce garden. In 1970, when the State of Delaware offered evergreen seedlings to landowners who would plant and maintain them, the Hickman's decided to plant some of their land with these seedlings. With Bill working a fulltime job at DuPont, and Leslie raising two babies, as well as caring for their home and doing much of the farm work, the couple soon learned that they had to concentrate their farming efforts. So, they abandoned their animal husbandry venture, but continued planting evergreens and maintaining the orchard. Hickman's Tree Farm began selling Christmas trees in the late 1970's. By 1980, Bill and Leslie decided to cut down the orchard and plant their entire farm in evergreen trees.

99 Kings Highway • Dover, DE 19901 • 1-866-284-7483
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