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Papa Grande's Fenwick


  • 38929 Madison Ave
  • Fenwick Island, DE 19975
  • Phone: (302) 436-7272
  • Visit Website

Inspired by the spirit and flavors of the Hispanic culture, Papá Grande’s Coastal Taquería provides an authentic version of Latino cooking and cuisine. From quesadillas and tacos, to ceviches and mole sauces, Matt Haley and Corporate Chef Doug Ruley have created a menu reflective of the traditions and home-style roots of the Latin American people, working with renowned chefs at the Texas branch of the Culinary Institute of America. Located next to our sister restaurant Catch 54, situated on the bridge of Route 54 in Fenwick Island.

99 Kings Highway • Dover, DE 19901 • 1-866-284-7483
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