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Our team covers all of the bases!

Streamline venue selection

• We know our state. The DSC serves as a facilitator between event rights holders and facility operators. After speaking with our office, it will be made clear which venues in the state are suitable and viable for your event. If you want to look on your own, please visit our ‘Sports Facility Page.'

Secure hotel room blocks

• Our relationship with Delaware hoteliers is one predicated on results. We understand the importance hotel cooperation and support is to all events. It is our goal to make the hotel selection, and ultimately booking process, as streamlined and simplified for our customer. Finding the right property, right rate, and perfect location is what we do.

 Assist with event sponsorship solutions

• It has been well documented that the corporate dollar is no longer found on the limb of low hanging trees. The DSC works with your event to identify local vendor and service providers that best connect with your event demographic and match their marketing objectives. Our local and state wide presence allows us to streamline identification of event partners.

Provide marketing support

• Whether it is an event predicated on participation or spectators, the DSC will assist in identifying key marketing outlets to ensure a successful event. Whether through traditional or social media outlets, the DSC has the resources needed to establish a successful marketing campaign.

Offer government relations assistance

• Park permits, public security, and letters of support from elected officials are all examples of government relations assistance the DSC can help provide event rights owners. While many times not as glamorous as marketing or social media, support from local and state government is vital to the success of your events.


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