Cape Henlopen State Park

What is your Beach Style?

Imagine a beach that’s full of simple pleasures, with an edge of sophisticated fun.  See yourself on a quiet summer morning, strolling with coffee past galleries and cottages, or bicycling down a lonely seaside path. Think of the fun the day will hold – lying on the sand serenaded by the steady whispering of waves, knowing the evening will stretch gently before you, full of tasty moments at creatively inspired restaurants and tempting treasures at an out-of-the-way boutique.

That’s the Delaware beach experience, unlike any you’ve had. Delaware’s beaches let you pick your flavor of fun, whether you prefer the laid-back life or lean toward less quiet pursuits.

In every town, you sense a character all its own:

  • If you’re a young family, a couple in search of a fine meal, or are in the need of a shopping spree, check out Rehoboth Beach, known for its friendly charm, boardwalk browsing, and artsy edginess.
  • Young (and young-at-heart) revelers will want to indulge in the Dewey Beach lifestyle, where rock bands rattle the rafters at bayside clubs packed with just-off-the-beach divas and dudes.
  • Families who prefer a more sedate seaside experience will find that Bethany Beach seduces more gently, favoring folks who enjoy a longer stay and less intrusion. Spacious beach-house rentals make Bethany a great choice for extended-family getaways.
  • The historic town of Lewes possesses a nautical charm and a sense of peaceful repose, perfect for couples hoping to browse and dine the day away.
  • Intimate and unhurried, with just enough dining and entertainment options, Fenwick Island is perfect for families on an extended stay.
  • For those who crave a vacation that steers clear of towns entirely, Delaware Seashore State Park and Cape Henlopen State Park are havens of natural coastal beauty, with all the amenities needed to make the day complete, from showers to food vendors. These are the places where reminders civilization are miles away, replaced by gentle dunes and seabirds singing against the mellow music of the sea.

And all along the Delaware resort coast, two distinct lifestyles beckon – the breezy oceanside action and the quieter bayside charm. Many towns offer both bay-and-beach attractions, allowing visitors to choose their own style of summer fun, whether it’s jet-skiing or fishing on the bay or lying on the beach.

So just take your pick, and make your own seaside memory.

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