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Amateur Submissions

How to submit a video:

Entrants will choose to submit a video in one of the following categories to show that Delaware is a desirable travel destination to out-of-state visitors:

1. Scenic/seasonal: Highlight a landscape in Delaware during the Fall, Winter, Spring and/or Summer season;

2. Things to do: Feature attractions in Delaware that will entice a traveler to visit from out-of-state (i.e. beaches, dining, breweries, outdoor recreation, DuPont estates, tax-free shopping).

3. Events: Show events in Delaware that draw a large volume of visitations (i.e. Firefly Music Festival, NASCAR race weekend, Delaware State Fair, July 4th Fireworks, Dover Days Festival, Punkin’ Chunkin’).

4. Fun/Viral: Create a fun and creative composition that shows Delaware at its best.

Entrants can find suggestions for locations to highlight at http://www.visitdelaware.com.

For information about content and entry requirements (i.e. video length), details about the audience and general rules and conditions for the contest, please click here.

Ready to submit? Click submit a video below, follow the instructions and complete the online entry form. You will be required to upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted video and provide the Delaware Tourism Office with the link to the video. For instructions, on uploading an unlisted video, please click here.

What are the prizes for the amateur submissions?

An amateur videographer is defined as an individual that earns less than 50% or no cash value for their videography.

i. First Place will receive: $750

ii. Second Place will receive: $250

iii. Third Place will receive: $150

Submission Dates:
May 28 – December 31, 2013
99 Kings Highway • Dover, DE 19901 • 1-866-284-7483
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