The Firefly Music Festival is the premiere open-air music festival in the northeast region of the United States. Luring crowds of nearly 100,000, the festival, though still young, has become a symbol of the state and is the biggest party of the year in Delaware. Top headlining acts and lineups, multiple stages, delicious food and beverages, and more, are all ingredients in making Firefly the ultimate summer bash. For festival-goers, the entire experience is one of fun, excitement, and happiness, but there are three tips and tricks, unknown to some, that can make the festival even better.

FireflyFirst, the Wednesday premiere camping is the best way to do Firefly. With the smaller camping lot and closer access to the festival itself, Wednesday camping helps you save time. If hesitant about staying an extra night, many who come to the festival from out of state, and choose Wednesday camping, will set up camp, leave the festival to go out and explore Delaware for the night, and then return on Thursday when the festival officially begins. The close proximity to the festival is what makes it most worthwhile. Just minutes’ walk from the campsites, the access point from the lot into the festival is located right near the Firefly main stage.

Second, planning which concerts and shows you are going to attend down to the minute is not how you should spend your time at Firefly. Having a mental list of who you want to see is helpful and important, but spontaneity is the true spirit of music festivals. Taking your time, seeing the acts that are important to you, discovering new music, and seeing where the day takes you is all you need to do to make Firefly a personal success.

Thirdly, and lastly, the ultimate tip and trick for Firefly is attending the festival with positive, fun, music-loving friends. The company you keep makes all the difference in the world, especially if you are choosing to camp with them for several days and nights.  Attending with friends who have the same interests, music and beyond, is the most important component for attending Firefly. More than just the unparalleled lineups, spending and enjoying your time with those around you is what will guarantee that the memories you make at Firefly will never be forgotten.