Dover, Del. (June 24, 2011) - The Delaware Sports Commission (DSC) is proud to announce a new partnership with the Delaware College Investment Plan (DCIP), a recognized DSC charter sponsor, to further its mission to actively recruit sports events to Delaware.  As part of this alliance, the DSC will offer scholarships to five children currently involved with a Delaware youth sports organization.  To meet eligibility requirements, athletes must belong to an organization that is a member of the Delaware Sports Commission.

"The Delaware Sports Commission appreciates the support of the DCIP with our everyday efforts to promote and attract sporting events to Delaware," said Matthew Sparks, Executive Director of the Delaware Sports Commission.  "We are pleased to work with the Delaware College Investment Plan to promote college investment opportunities and to offer a college scholarship program that will benefit individual athletes and their families."

The Delaware College Investment Plan is a 529 tax-advantage college plan sponsored by the State of Delaware and managed by Fidelity Investments.  The 529 college savings plans offered to Delaware residents and non-residents are flexible, tax-advantaged accounts designed to help parents, grandparents, and others pay for higher education expenses.  The plan offers a choice of portfolios tailored to a child's age or the ability to customize portfolio selections based on an asset allocation strategy. Withdrawals can be used for qualified expenses at any accredited college nationwide and many international institutions. 

"The Delaware College Investment Plan is excited to partner with the Delaware Sports Commission to reach out to families of student athletes to reinforce the importance of an education, and more specifically, a college education," stated Maureen Laffey, Director of the Delaware Higher Education Office. "The DCIP is an excellent option families can use to start saving when their children are young to be prepared to meet the future cost of a college education."

The Delaware Sports Commission, a not-for-profit organization, was established to attract large and small sporting events to Delaware to benefit the sports industry and community and to positively impact Delaware's economy.  The Delaware Sports Commission also assists with the retention and growth of existing sports events.  In doing so, effective statewide partnerships from local sport organizations are needed.  The resulting partnerships create economic impact opportunities for our communities and also increase the participation opportunities of the local athletes.

The Delaware Sports Commission, 99 Kings Highway in Dover, Del., promotes and recruits single-day and multi-day regional and national events. For more information about the DSC, visit the official Delaware Sports Commission website at or call (302) 672-6832.  The Delaware College Investment Plan is administered by the Delaware Higher Education Office.  Visit or call 1-800-544-1655 for more information.