Director’s Message: Investment in tourism pays off

$3.4 billion.

The impact tourism has on Delaware’s GDP is $3.4 billion. This is a huge number with a huge impact. Each traveler to our state leaves behind a positive economic footprint which benefits Delaware, local communities and businesses.  

What does that footprint look like? Tourism provides $522 million in tax revenue to the state. Without tourism, each Delaware household would pay an additional $1,468 in taxes.

Many of our fellow Delawareans are employed through the industry. In fact, tourism is the 4th largest private sector employer. That’s over 40,000 of our neighbors.

At the Delaware Tourism Office, we focus on increasing out-of-state visitation through leisure travel, group tour, sports and marketing. Our goal is to keep Delaware top of mind for the millions of travelers within driving distance.

We are strategic and innovative and have achieved many successes in the years since there has been a refocus on the importance of tourism to Delaware.

2018 was another successful year.

It was because of innovative thinking, cultivating partnerships and maintaining the powerful brand of “Endless Discoveries,” that the office launched 360 virtual reality tours of Delaware, achieved record-breaking direct sales and continued to see growth in both the sports and craft beverage markets.

Already in 2019, we’ve integrated with Google’s new destination marketing product, launched a successful campaign with Delaware-grown business Carvertise, attended national trade shows and presented a tourism industry educational workshop.

Investment in tourism not only drives revenue and jobs for the state. Through this investment, we are also supporting businesses and organizations that add to our quality of life.

“Endless Discoveries” is a powerful brand for our visitors and for Delawareans looking to explore their own backyard or businesses to recruit new employees. As Governor Carney shared in this year’s State of the State, please join us in exploring and sharing all of Delaware’s “Endless Discoveries.”