When it comes to making the most of your business’ Instagram account, the little things can go a long way. Here are some top tips to consider when posting on your Instagram business account.

  1. Make your posts pop – Show off high quality, aesthetically pleasing photos to set yourself apart from the pack. Users are on Instagram to admire photos in their areas of interest. Ask yourself, “Is this the type of content I’d like to see on my feed?”
  2. Hashtags are your friend – Inspire users to follow your account with hashtags. Remember to always use hashtags that relate to your account overall, not just the specific photo. Followers like to know what they’re in for! For example, if you are promoting a destination and use a beautiful photo of a garden, be sure to include hashtags relating to travel, like “vacation” and “getaway.”
  3. Timing is key – Find out when your followers are browsing Instagram to get your posts to the top of their timelines. See peak hours in Instagram insights by clicking the hamburger menu on your profile. Try posting an hour to two before the peak. For example, if your followers’ activity begins to peak at 6 p.m., try posting at 4 p.m.
  4. Share your stories – Keep your account at the front of your followers’ minds by posting stories! Simply click the camera at the top right of your feed to get started. Just like a post, be sure to use hashtags so your stories show up in users’ searches!
  5. Promote your posts – Do you have a post you want to use to gain Instagram users’ attention? Simply click on “promote” under the photo you’d like to promote and choose where you’d like the promoted post to take the audience - your profile, your website, your DMs? The choice is yours. Next, choose the people you want to see you post along with the amount you’d like to pay and voila! Your post will now show up on the feeds of non-followers.