Today’s consumer has so many “information feeds” that it can be difficult getting their attention and putting your product in their field of view. To catch people’s eye and generate a buzz, promotions have to have a “wow” factor – they must stand out from all the noise of modern life.

For the Delaware Tourism Office, the latest vehicle for achieving that “buzz” was just that – a vehicle.

Make that hundreds of vehicles, actually. Working with an innovative Delaware-based startup, the DTO launched a rolling billboard campaign for its new brand this summer, pasting the “Endless Discoveries” logo and an enticing beach photograph on the sides (and backs) of cars throughout the suburban Philadelphia region.

The cars were owned and driven by local residents, who were compensated for serving as “billboards” during the two-month campaign, which resulted in reams of Delaware Travel Guides being distributed to potential vacationers in the region. That’s a remarkable accomplishment when you consider how faithful Philadelphians usually are to the New Jersey beaches – or “The Shore,” as they call it.

In the end, the ad campaign delivered a cost-per-impression of just $2.44. By comparison, a traditional billboard in the Philadelphia area would have cost about $6 an impression. Plus, there was an additional advantage – the tourism office’s parent agency, the Delaware Economic Development Office, would normally have considered using grant money to support an effort like Carvertise. But in this case, the state was able to support the company financially and get an immediate benefit in return.

According to recent media reports, the idea is paying off for the Carvertise firm as well. Its client list now includes United Way, ShopRite, and NaturaLawn of America, as well as local advertisers such as the Delaware 87ers and the University of Delaware. The company reports that it now has a database of 4,800 drivers in Delaware, southern New Jersey, Maryland, and the greater Philadelphia region.