The five essentials for enjoying four summer days and nights at the Firefly Music Festival if you were to leave everything else at home:

  1. Water, water, and more water- The chance of being over-hydrated is nonexistent while at the festival. Summer is heating up and the best way to enjoy all four days is to load up on the H2O. Though there are a number of water bottle refilling stations throughout both the campsites and the festival itself, you can never have enough water; therefore, having extra bottles will come in handy. If feeling guilty about using plastics bottles, the festival highly encourages recycling and has specified bins located near every trashcan, so bring cases and cases of water.
  2. Comfortable shoes- A huge festival entails a lot of walking. Be prepared to clock in more steps in a day than you thought possible. With so many different concerts taking place at different stages and activities to partake in all day and night, your legs and feet will happily ache by the end of each day. Bringing comfortable shoes, sneakers recommended, will make all the difference in enhancing your entire festival experience and keeping you ready for more.
  3. Anything sun protective- Delaware during the month of June is beautiful and sunny. Sunscreen, hats, or sunglasses will go a long way in protecting you from the bright, shining sun that is going to warm your skin. Lather on the sunscreen and throw on a hat and you will be set.
  4. Bug spray- Firefly is famous for being held in the Woodlands of Dover, Delaware. The trees and grass provide a unique and striking location that, paired with the summer heat, can also be a haven for other little critters. Bug spray will keep the possible bugs at bay and a smile on your face.
  5. A ready-to-go mentality- It is a hot, long, and exciting weekend that has the potential to be the most fun you have ever had. Be prepared for anything and do not let an opportunity go to waste and Firefly is guaranteed to be an exciting adventure.