Millennials love to travel, which means they are prime potential customers for your tourism business. This year they became America’s largest living generation (75.4 million). So, it has become essential to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing your business or organization to them.

A recent study surveyed nearly 32,000 Millennials to see what mattered to them when it came to making travel decisions. Here are some of the key findings:

Millennials on ComputerThey care what others think – 76 percent chose a travel destination based on friends’ recommendations, and 36 percent used social media.

They like experiencing something new – 86 percent wanted new cultural experiences, and 85 percent said eating “local cuisine” was important.

They are social – only 10 percent won’t update their social media accounts during a trip. The largest percentage are on Facebook and Instagram.

Having a marketing plan that specifically addresses how you will present yourself and market yourself to Millennials is the first step, and perhaps the most important step, to bringing these young tourists and their money to your destination. There are a few steps you can take to boost your marketing to the generation:Millennials on Phone

  • Be authentic. Millennials have a good radar for when they're being sold to. Share how your location has a unique experience waiting for them.
  • Check the mobile version of your webpage. According to another study, nearly three-quarters of Millennial travelers use their mobile phones to plan.
  • Share content on various social media outlets. Facebook and Twitter are great, but there is opportunity to reach this market segment on Instagram and Snapchat. It is also effective to adjust your content for each platform.

Millennials will share with other Millennials frequently and fervently when they have a great time at an attraction, a restaurant or a hotel. By having them as a priority in your marketing plan, you can help your business grow and extend your customer base.