As Google has become one of the top travel planning tools for travelers across the nation and world, businesses have had to adapt. In partnership with Google, the Delaware Tourism Office hosted a workshop in May to assist local businesses in maximizing their only presence with Google’s online tools.

Top takeaways from the workshop included:

Google my BusinessThe Google Knowledge Panel is free advertising!
The information imported via Google my Business is not only a free, great way, but a necessary means of presenting your business to visitors. Focus on providing accurate, up-to-date information as well as high-quality photos that convey the feel of your business without eating up your advertising budget.

Your presence on Google says a lot about who you are
The amount of effort you put into Google my Business is clear to visitors and sets the tone for how they can expect the business to be run. Stay involved to show visitors that you care by regularly updating photos and posts, adding events, answering questions and responding to reviews.

Your location on Google Maps is more important than you think
Consumers view the map of a searched location 44% of the time. View your listing on Google Maps to ensure the exact location is correct. Forty-one percent of visitors who view you on Google Maps will come to your location and they will use Google to get to your front door!