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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in the trail?

Download a Delaware Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail passport to browse locations, plan an excursion, and track your participation. The trail’s web page also features complete details about the trail locations, including hours of operation, and suggestions for when to visit. Be sure to take your passport with you when you visit a location so you can enter the code printed on each site’s Delaware Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail sign. Once you visit eight locations, send the completed passport to the Delaware Tourism Office to become eligible for a prize.

Where are the Delaware Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail signs located and what do they look like? 

The signs are located in the window of the establishment or directly outside on a steel post.

What are trail passport codes?

Participants who visit eight sites on the Delaware Beer Wine and Spirits Trail become eligible to receive a prize. In order to win, however, you will need to locate the code number at each site you visit and record it in the Passport you download from the trail website. The codes are printed on the official Delaware Beer Wine and Spirits Trail signs posted at each of the 17 locations. 

Is there a time limit on completing the trail?

No – take as long as you’d like.

Can you bike this trail?

In most cases, the locations are too far apart to conveniently and safely ride a bike, but it is possible to put together a biking trip by combining select locations with some of the rides listed on the Delaware Outdoor Trail. And remember, bicyclists can always load their bikes onto a DART bus in order to get from one location to the other.

How much does the Trail cost?

Many of the tours at the breweries, wineries and distilleries are free, though tastings frequently involve a nominal fee. But, in general, the costs of exploring the trail are up to the traveler, depending on how much they sample, what products they buy, and whether they accompany their visit with a meal. There is no cost for downloading a Trail Passport or using VisitDelaware.com as a guide for your travels.

Can I bring the kids?

At the trail locations that have a full-service restaurant, children are welcome to come along, as they would be at any dining establishment. At locations that offer tours of the facilities, some allow children to accompany adults on the tour, others do not – call ahead to confirm. By state law, minors are not allowed at bars where alcohol is being served.

Are there other things to do on the trail?

Absolutely. Many of the trail’s locations also offer a full menu of food if you want to make a meal out of your tasting. And you can find other area attractions and events by exploring VisitDelaware.com.

Where can I find information regarding places to stay, eat, and visit during my travels on the Delaware Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail? 

Go to www.visitdelaware.com for immediate access to hotel, restaurant, and attraction information. For the most up-to-date travel information, tips, and deals, follow the Delaware Tourism Office on social media. Like DelawareTourismOffice on Facebook, follow DelawareTourism on Twitter or use the #VisitDE hashtag.   

Is the Delaware Beer Wine and Spirits Trail the same as the Delaware Wine and Ale Trail?

Yes, but in a new-and-improved way. The Delaware Tourism Office recently added four locations to the Delaware Wine and Ale Trail, and since two of them are distilleries, it was time to rename the trail to reflect its evolving identity.

How long will it take to receive the Delaware Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail wine glass or mug?

Expect to receive your gift in the mail in approximately 10-14 days.

Can I order a Delaware Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail glass or mug without completing the Trail?

Yes. The Official Delaware Beer, Wine and Spirits Trail glass or mug can be purchased at www.visitdelaware.com/store.  

Are there any other trails like these in Delaware?
The Delaware Tourism Office also sponsors four other tourism trails: the Delaware Outdoor Trail, and the Delaware History Trail.