As the leaves begin to change, so do the beers on tap. Delaware on Tap locations are rolling out their fall brews in all their seasonal deliciousness. Now you can work your way up and down the state and sample all the flavors of caramel, malt, spice, and of course, pumpkin.

Big Oyster Brewery
Shuckin’ Pumpkin – 5.5% ABV
This pumpkin brew is full of fall goodness brewed with pumpkins, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.

Oystoberfest Lager – 6% ABV
This traditional lager is brewed with all imported German malt and lightly hopped with Czech Saaz.

Blue Earl Brewing
Clockwork Orange/Fresh Orange Juice Pale Ale – 4.9% ABV
Juicy and refreshing orange pale ale. Brewed a pale ale using Pilsner, Flaked Oats, Wheat, and Lactose, then hopped it with Mandarina Bavaria. The beer is then dry-hopped with Cascade and Lemondrop. An abundance of fresh squeezed Orange juice is added to the brew, producing a delightfully refreshing citrus flavor/aroma. Notes of fresh squeezed orange and malt and a hint of lemon/lime in the finish.

Brick Works Brewing & Eats
S’mores Brown Ale – 6.1% ABV
A seasonal brew that creates happy memories of this campfire treat. A blend of malts, cinnamon marshmallows and chocolate come together to recreate this classic campfire must have!

Crooked Hammock Brewery
Jav-O-Lantern – 7.4% AVB
A smoked pumpkin coffee ale, is as complex as it is delicious. It's packed with real pumpkin that was smoked over cherry wood and boasts a beautiful balance of smoke, pumpkin pie spices, dark malts and dark roasted coffee beans. It was named one of the top unique pumpkin beers of 2017 by

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Punkin Ale – 7% ABV
A full-bodied brown ale, clocking in at 7% ABV, this beer is brewed with real pumpkin, brown sugar, allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon. Fresh all natural culinary ingredients that makes this beer unique.

120 Minute IPA – 15-18% ABV
Available September through October, the 120 Minute IPA is the Holy Grail for Hopheads, with its high-alpha hops added throughout the boil then dry-hopped, then aged on a bed of dry hops. Slightly hazy and deep orange in color, this brew smells of sweet citrus, piney and floral hops. It’s almost candy-like, with a hoppy flavor and some hop resin character. Since its first release in 2003, 120 Minute IPA has been a fan favorite and is ranked by Business Insider as one of the 17 most sought-after beers in America! 

Pennsylvania Tuxedo – 8.5% ABV
Available October through November, this spruce-infused pale ale pays homage to the flannel-suited hunters and gatherers from the deep backcountry of Pennsylvania. A collaboration with outdoor clothing company Woolrich, this off-centered ale is brewed with fresh-picked spruce tips and is copper in color with a balanced bitterness and a dry, yet doughy malt backbone that gives way to resinous conifer notes and a grassy, citrusy kick.

Fordham and Dominion Brewing Company
Spiced Harvest Ale – 6.5% ABV
A fall seasonal ale that is a light amber in color with a medium body, spiced with cinnamon, ginger, clove, allspice and pumpkin.  

Liquid Alchemy Beverages
Traditions – 5.2% ABV
We set out to craft a cider that was the purest representation of our apples. There are no added sugars, flavors, or anything else to detract from the apples.   A traditional cider, with a traditional taste.

Stewart’s Brewing Company
Chocolate Stout – 6% ABV
Brewed with organic Cacao gives this a distinct chocolate aroma.

Mischief Night – 4.5% ABV
Pumpkin Ale that has all the spicy goodness that you're looking for in a pumpkin beer.

Dark Helmet – 7.8% ABV
This Imperial Schwartzbier is rich and robust in malt flavor making it Stewart's Brewing staple.

Stitch House Brewery
Oktoberfest – 5.5%
This German Marzen is a lager typically made for the summer harvest and originally from Bavaria. It has a medium body and is amber in color. 

Smoked Helles – 4.5%
This is a German Helles lager brewed with smoked beachwood malt. Light in body and color, this lager is strong in the smoke flavor department. 

Kolsch 4.6 %
This is modeled after a German ale from the Cologne region.  It’s light and crisp and served in small amounts to ensure it’s consumed cold.