Summer is here, and Delaware’s beaches are ready and waiting for you.

We spoke with Delaware’s resident beach expert, Tony Pratt, about the shape of the beaches.

“We’re in great shape. Come on down and visit us. There’s plenty of room for you. We’re looking forward to having some great weather,” said Pratt, who works for Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

Earlier this year, a winter storm blew into Delaware and reduced the size of the recreational portion of the beaches. You may have seen images in the newspaper or on TV. But Pratt said that’s not how things look now.

Rehoboth Beach 2016“We have a very nice, big mound of sand that has been brought back in by waves over the past few weeks and restored the recreational area,” said Pratt.

He said it is perfectly normal for beaches to go through what’s called “deflation” during the winter months and then build back up naturally in the spring and summer.

“People come down, often in January, February, March and say, ‘Oh, my gosh! What happened to the beach? It’s all gone.’ They come back in July and say, ‘Wow, look at that. It’s a miracle. Somehow the beach got back.’ But that’s all part of the process.”Water on beach with foam

Delaware has worked hard with the Army Corps of Engineers to protect the beaches and the homes, businesses, boardwalks, roads, etc. that are near them. As travelers arrive, it is clear that work is paying off.

Focusing attention and funding on that effort, maintains Delaware’s place among America’s best beach locales. The state’s beaches are consistently ranked the cleanest on the East Coast by the Natural Resource Defense Council. This spring Coastal Living Magazine declared Rehoboth the second happiest seaside town in the country.

With Delaware primed for a visit, start planning your trip to the beaches now. You can figure out what beach best fits your personal style. You can book a stay at an oceanside hotel, a cute B&B or a house rental. You can create an itinerary full of exciting activities and events. And if you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at Visit Delaware’s Trails of Discovery – Beer, Wine & Spirits, History, Outdoor, Geocaching and Culinary – which each provide themed ways to explore Delaware’s endless discoveries.

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