Canned in style
Not only is every craft beer thoughtfully planned, but so are the designs on the can! Check out these top designs from DE on Tap breweries!

BellBellfonte Brewing Coefonte Brewing Co.

Six Toed Keylime Pie Gose
The first label from Bellefonte’s art director, Sarah Deflavis that plays of the six toed cats of the Hemingway house in Key West Florida.


Sounds LiBellefonte Brewing a Tomorrow Problem NEIPA
Another creation of Bellefonte’s art director Sarah Deflavis.
This fun label features head brewer, Andrew floating in a pool with a unicorn float...
For the record, he had no idea this was happening!



Big Oyster Brewery 

Big Oyster

All of Big Oyster Breweries can designs showcase the talents of two local southern Delaware creators, Laura Erickson (@Lauraerixart) and Andrew Dickinson (@302designgroup). Laura interprets our ideas for different beers and creates an original painting for each can which serves as the background image. Andrew then puts down all of the graphics and ensures each can is on brand with its own creative twist. It's a real collaborative effort that creates a truly unique and beautiful finished product. Their newest can going out into the world is called "Dripping". 

Description - 7% Hazy IPA - Brewed with an unreasonable amount of oat flakes and dry hopped to the nines with the freshest crop of Sabro, Mosaic and Citra. This beer is super creamy with tons of aroma reminiscent of juicy fruit, crushed mangos and fresh pineapple.  


Blue Earl Brewing

Blue Earl Brewing 
New beer = new cans! Honeysuckle Rose and Hazy at Heart IPA are being released in 12 oz. cans in six-packs and cases at the brewery! The sale begins 11/16 at 12 noon!


Brick Works

Brick Works Brewing and Eats 

The Brick Works can was designed for simplicity. Brick Works wanted it to feel like it had always been a part
of the restaurant as much as possible, so they mimicked the color palate that they used in the design
of the interior of the restaurant.


Dogfish Head


Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

The creative team at Dogfish Head launched a new low calorie beer in 2019 to reach a group of beer drinkers with a more active lifestyle! Slighty Mighty’scan reflects that with outdoor activities that get the blood pumping! The cans colors, mighty blue and aqua were chosen to inspire relaxation and to balance work and play.


Iron Hill Brewery

The can for Philly Special was inspired by the beer itself! While it is Iron Hillconsidered a New England IPA,
the inspiration is pure Philly. Brewed with flaked oats and wheat, this beer features tropical fruit
and resinous pine notes almost as intense as your passion for the home team.
Whether you’re cracking one open at a tailgate or in your living room,
you can just feel the brotherly love.


Mispillion River BrewingMispillion River Brewing Co.
With Mispillion, the goal with their labels have always been to convey how much fun they have with the creative process. The War series in particular started with the idea of what it would look like if their brewery cat, Bean, dressed up to go into battle. Since then, the series has grown to include: a goose, a badger, a llama, and a possum.


Stitch House Stitch HouseBrewery
Stitch House has designed a clean and sophisticated look for their growler!
There is even spot for you to label your take home beer, so you will never forget its name!
Next time you stop by the microbrewery make sure to get some beer to go!


Wilmington Brew Works WBW Cans
Wilmington Brew Works did a can label collaboration with Joe del Tufo of Moon Loop Photography. Joe presented us with two cool photos he took during a recent trip to Iceland. WBW brewed a Northeast Pale Ale that they are calling Organic Amplitude. They chose the name Organic Amplitude to reflect the dual nature of the image. It's just a natural site - Organic - that looks like a sound wave - Amplitude. A lot of design work was put into this design to make can show elements and sound waves. Grab a 4-pack in person, next time you are at WBW!