Down through the years, tales of spooky apparitions, terrifying sounds and other-wordly happenings have been told about dozens of Delaware houses and places. Some of these homes are in private hands, keeping their ghostly occurrences out of the public view. In many other cases, however, paranormal phenomena have been witnessed in places that are open to the public. Here a few that will get your blood going:

Paranormal Fort DelawareFort Delaware, off the coast of Delaware City
Once a mid-river prison housing Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, Fort Delaware is open to the public now, leading to a variety of spooky reports – ghostly images, “cold spots” and mysterious voices. The vibe here is so chilling that they even offer paranormal investigation tours. The island also holds a cemetery for soldiers who died of typhus and malaria – also supposedly haunted. The 411: Ferry departs from dock at 45 Clinton St., Delaware City, Delaware 19706.

Sterling Hotel/Crabby Dick's, Delaware City
Located right by the river, this old hotel dates back to 1830, but its current owner says spooky things are still happening. Story has it that the ghost of the original owner's wife occasionally appears -- but reveals herself only to men. In a 2012 interview with The News Journal, John Buchheit III said the first night he slept there, he dreamed a chambermaid named Sandy visited him and told him to get out. "I didn't believe in ghosts, but since I moved to Delaware City, I believe," he said. The 411: 30 Clinton St., Delaware City DE 19706. (302) 832-5100.

Woodland Beach, Kent County
In the early 1900s, this small riverside town had a boardwalk and other attractions, all vanished now. On some nights, they say, shadowy figures can be seen walking over the water where the boardwalk once stood. Perhaps they are waiting to get on the ferry that once departed from the water’s edge. The 411: Woodland Beach is east of Smyrna, at the end of Del. 6.