Coffee + Craft Beverages = ❤️
For all you coffee lovers, check out these top craft beverage locations to see where you can enjoy a craft beverage with coffee.

3rd Wave Brewing Company
Dawn Patrol Coffee & Cream Stout

A dark, luscious, American style creamy milk stout. Lots of coffee flavor and a hint of sweetness. The dark roasted coffee is cold steeped to avoid bitterness. The sweetness comes from the lactose sugar. This is a smooth, full-bodied beer, great for a cold winter day. ABV %: 6.8 - 7.1

Blue Earl Brewing
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Porter
Brewed with locally sourced coffee beans from Little Goat Coffee Company. Aged on cacao nibs, vanilla bean and caramel. 5.5% ABV 35 IBU

Brick Works Brewing – Smyrna
Dark Entries Stout - Oatmeal
A stout fit for the Gothic world. This medium bodied stout offer chewy notes of lightly roasted coffee with hints of molasses and smoke mingling about. 5.4% ABV 19 IBU

Fordham and Dominion Brewing
Morning Glory Espresso Stout
Morning Glory is a full-bodied espresso stout that utilizes locally roasted coffee beans. Waking up at 8% ABV with the aroma of espresso and the taste of chocolate, she gives drinkers a jolt. Espresso Stout | 8% ABV

Iron Hill Brewery – Rehoboth Beach
Russian Imperial Stout
A rich, full-bodied stout, this style of beer was originally created to survive the long voyages from England to the Russian Imperial Courts. Our version, with notes of dark chocolate and espresso, is brewed with that same regal spirit – worthy enough for a tsar, and, more importantly, you. OG: 1.095  Color: 50  IBU: 75  ABV: 9.5%

Revelation Craft Brewing Company
Cocoa Nut Joe Porter
A beautiful trifecta of a Porter composed of toasted coconut, pure liquid cacao - Cholaca, and cold pressed coffee extracted by local coffee shop Rise Up.

Thompson Island Brewing Company
Cosmic Cow
A not-too-thick sweet stout.  A heavily dark beer with a tan head floating on top. Opening the aroma is chocolate with hints of coffee and roasted malt.  The palate starts off with baking chocolate with notes of coffee and roasted grain, slight toffee and malty sweetness in the background. all on a filling mouthfeel without being overly heavy.    - 6.6% ABV

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