Firefly Music FestivalMichael Franti said it best “everyone deserves music!” It’s hard to believe the Firefly Music Festival crowd could grow even bigger but day two proved that it could. Stage areas were filled with fans during sets by Grouplove, Cake, Modest Mouse, The Killers and much more!

We ventured out during day two to experience more of Firefly. Every where you walked there was still music echoing through the Woodlands and little touches like kites in the trees or artists painting as the day goes on, that have made this an enchanting experience.

We spoke to a few band members and a group visiting from the West Coast, and over and over again people are saying, “this is the Woodstock of our generation, we will be back next year and so will more of our friends.” You can’t help but agree, take in the sights and sounds of our backyard in Delaware and think this is one of the moments that you remember where you were when Firefly started and now people will say Delaware!

Firefly Music FestivalSuggestions for day 3:
Definitely, check out the Hammock Hangout and although, the brewery is the huge hit with this crowd, make sure to stop by the Vineyard too. The hot air balloon rides behind the stage during the Killers was the perfect touch to end the night but lines are shorter to catch a quick ride when sets are playing.

Hope to see you in the Woodlands today!