Imagine yourself close to home, yet far removed from it all. That’s the feeling you’ll have entering Firefly Music Festival. The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway tucked into the bustling mid-Atlantic transforms into a carefree haven of music and fun.

Use Thursday to get your bearings of the grounds before the action ramps up on Friday. Join the queue and have any bags ready for a quick search and your wristband on snugly.

Once your wristband is scanned, you’ll step into the wide open festival grounds surrounded by tall, green trees. Capitalize on the photo opportunity with the official Firefly sign immediately past the entrance!

Further inside, you’ll see a map and schedule to lead your way. Use a paper guide (or the one available on the Firefly app) to navigate your way from stage to stage and show to show. Arrive to your favorite artists’ shows early to get a great spot, or lounge on a blanket in the shade of the trees.

Find a mid-day place to chill and if you’re lucky, you’ll snag a spot in the cool Hammock Hangout where you’ll relax away from the noise and excitement and enjoy a break from the warm summer sun.

While live music is the main attraction, enjoy the festival aspect, jam-packed with so much to see and do! Pop on a set of headphones at the Silent Disco and dance until your heart’s content, browse merchants’ unique handcrafted wares and venture off the beaten path to see cool art installations, many of which come alive when the sun goes down!

Choose tasty bites from dozens of food vendors offering everything from juicy meats to vegan treats. Raise a glass of delicious craft beer at the Brewery and be sure to try Dogfish Head’s signature Firefly Ale!

At the end of the evening, take a walk back to your campsite or grab a rickshaw back to your car so you can recharge and return the following day for event more excitement!

Most of all, have fun, make new friends and enjoy the awesome concerts in store!