With over 10 million people worldwide exploring new places through Foursquare, the Delaware Tourism Office is checking in, interacting with visitors, and marketing destinations within the First State with a newly launched, custom-designed Foursquare page. It's easy to use this location-based social networking site! Simply create a Foursquare account, download the app, and search for the Delaware Tourism Office. Next, follow our page before or during your trip to view tips about Delaware attractions, restaurants, and hotels. Plus, after you've checked in, you will receive a notification of tips we've shared about nearby locations. Users can check off that they've completed our tips and can even add their own tips and photos for future reference by other Delaware visitors.

Still a little confused about Foursquare? Here is a great video about "How to Unlock Your World with Foursquare." So, whether you're a newbie, a super user, or the Mayor, join us in discovering Delaware one check-in at a time!