That chill you feel in the air isn’t just the arrival of fall. Ghosts and goblins are known to wander restlessly through some of Delaware’s historic homes, landmarks, and towns making this the perfect season for a journey to the darker side of fun. View the list below for top haunted locations and seasonally scary adventures.

Town of Old New Castle
Shadows from flickering streetlights give this old Colonial-era town a ghostly feel at night. With the help of a guide, explore one of the town’s most haunted locations, the Amstel House where you should be on the lookout for the mysterious “Lady in Blue.” Proceed to the cobblestone streets where you’ll hear about the dark side of this 350-year-old town.

Fort Delaware, Delaware City
Standing tall on an island just off the coast of the northern Delaware is the Civil War fortress, Fort Delaware. Some souls remain unsettled at this restored historical landmark, which offers a three-hour paranormal investigation led by the Diamond State Ghost Investigators and park staff every fall. Just catch the ferry, and they’ll make things scary.

Crabby Dick’s, Delaware City
While you’re in town, stroll the streets of what many say is Delaware’s most haunted city. Have a cocktail and a bite to eat at Crabby Dick’s restaurant, but beware - they speak of a friendly ghost moving things around. He may even make an appearance in one of your photos!

The Green, Dover
Raise a lantern on First State Heritage Park’s nighttime tour this fall and follow costumed experts for a ghostly stroll around this colonial block to hear true tales of tragedy and infamy from the state capital’s history.

Town of Lewes
Since its founding nearly 400 years ago, Lewes has acquired residents that refuse to depart. Join a 90-minute “Lewes Legends” walking tour with the Lewes Historical Society to notable locations like the Ryves Holt House and Cannonball house, said to be home to ghosts and ghouls alike.