Summer may seem a long way off, but look at it this way: The sooner you start thinking about the beach, the less you’ll be preoccupied by winter’s harsh reality. The more you imagine yourself lying in the sand, the more you’ll be able to convince yourself that the snow will eventually melt, the days will eventually grow toasty, and summer will resume its rightful place in the world.

Bethany Beach DelawareThinking about a Delaware beach vacation during the year’s frigid months also has financial benefits: Travelers who plan their beach vacations in the dead of winter often snag the best deals on prime lodging and prime weeks, and also avoid the inevitable problem of dwindling supplies as the height of the summer season approaches.

Fortunately, offers a wide assortment of travel planning tools and tips for your next Delaware beach vacation. So grab a mug of hot chocolate, get in the right frame of mind, and start exploring today:

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with all of the activities, entertainment, dining and outdoor adventures that Delaware’s beautiful beaches offer. The Delaware Beach Vacation overview page is a good place to start, or check out the list of Top Delaware Beach Destinations.

Delaware Beach vacation rentalStep 2: The website offers tons of tools for Finding a Beach Rental, or Booking a Beach Hotel Room. Remember to consider the money-saving option that lots of families choose to cut costs on their Delaware beach vacations – rent a larger beach house, and split the costs that come with communal living. For an even more affordable trip, consider staying at one of southern Delaware’s Family-friendly Camgrounds.

Step 3: If you plan on having the kids (or even the dog) along on your vacation in Delaware, be sure to scroll through the helpful online guides to Pet-Friendly Attractions at the Delaware Beaches and Kid-Friendly Activities at the Delaware Beaches.

Step 4: Sometimes, the best advice is a fellow traveler’s advice. Be sure to read the reviews, check out the comments – or ask a question yourself – on Delaware’s TripAdvisor Forum.