Set the table with these local wine and mead holiday options and make them the centerpiece for your feast. You will want to skip straight to dessert with your selection of delicious fall flavors! 

Pizzadili Winery 
Pizzadili Winery just might be the go-to spot for your dessert wine needs. Their Raspberry Wine is the perfect pairing to any chocolate delight. Take a bite of chocolate, a sip of wine, and then another bite of chocolate for the most savory flavor. Love dry reds? Brothers Table Wine will make for a pleasantly crisp finish to any apple cobbler or sweet dessert.

Salted Vines Vineyard and Winery 
When your wine compliments your cheese board the feast is sure to be a success. Pair Salted Vines wine like their Cabernet Franc with cheeses like brie, camembert, goat and gorgonzola. Salted Vines even has an option to ship their wine right to your doorstep! 

Nassau Valley Vineyards 
Enjoy a glass of Nassau Valley Vineyards 2019 Delaware White, complimenting each bite of your pumpkin pie!

Harvest Ridge Winery 
Is any holiday truly complete if you don’t have a bottle of Blue Hen Blue on the table? This Iconic Delaware Wine is a sweet addition to your feast and will be perfect for those who may be a bit picky when it comes to drinking wine. 

Brimming Horn Meadery 
Extend your palette beyond traditional wine, with a bottle of Brimming Horn mead. With flavors like Butter Pecan, Basic Witch - Pumpkin Spices, and Dark Embrace - Elderberry & Grape they will BEE asking for more. 

Liquid Alchemy Beverages 
Skip the after dinner coffee and warm up with some mead instead. Here are a few ideas of including Liquid Alchemy Mead into your holiday menu. 

Warm Glogg-toberfest Mead  
Add whipped cream, a caramel drizzle and a ginger snap on to a glass of warm Glogg-toberfest spiced mead for a festive spin.

Holiday Mead Toddy
1.5 oz Liquid Alchemy Beverage Sweet Nothing Mead 
1 oz Painted Stave Distilling Diamond State Straight Rye Whiskey 
2 tsp honey 
1 cup of hot water 
2 lemon wedges 
1 slice of fresh ginger 
Combine mead and whiskey in a mug
Boil water and pour into mug when hot
Stir in the honey 
Add in the ginger  and squeeze lemon wedge 

Before visiting Delaware be sure to view our Go-To-Guide for tips on how to #ExploreSafelyDE. Please remember to plan ahead and maintain social distancing. Please wear a face covering and bring hand sanitizer. Make sure to review guidelines before arriving at your destination. Some locations may be operating under different capacity or require reservations. Please remember to stay home if you are sick.