Delaware restaurants are serving up outside of the box healthy food options (outside of the typical to-go box that is). Embark on a journey to find a new favorite or plan your own take-out road trip adventure that will fuel both your body and mind with this list of Healthy Dining To-Go in Delaware!  

Bee Bowld

Next Level Nutrition

Drop Squad Kitchen

Twist Juice Bar Toast

Seed Eatery

Green Box Kitchen storefront

Bee Bowld – Camden  
Acai Bowls 
Looking for a bold way to start your morning? Look no further than the acai bowls at Bee Bowld! With more than 12 acai bowl options on the menu you are sure to find a flavor you’ll want to try. 

Drop Squad Kitchen – Wilmington  
Vegan Comfort Food 
Drop Squad Kitchen is a place to try unique spins of your favorite comfort food. You will be amazed by the recipes crafted into vegan-friendly, and plant-based delights. A peek into their menu reveals “Fishless Tacos”, “BLT”, “Maryland Krab Soup” and many more.  

Good Earth Market – Ocean View  
Market & Restaurant Experience   
Round out your healthy dining experiences at a place that you can take both your meal and your groceries home with you. Order an out-of-the-box dinner plate like the Sicilian spiced swordfish, with spicy honey glazed baby carrots & roasted acorn squash. Once you pick up your take-out you can take a quick browse around the market for organic ingredients, and products as well as local produce and goods.  

Green Box Kitchen – Wilmington 
A sip-worthy spot continues this healthy dining exploration at Green Box Kitchen in Wilmington. Try their “I Need a Vacation” Smoothie for the perfect blend of frozen strawberries, bananas, pineapples, agave and just a hint of that summertime getaway feeling.  

Honeygrow - Christiana  
Stir Fry & Honey Bar  
Grab your salty and sweet options at the same spot with Honeygrow. Start off with a to-go order of their custom made stir fry's and finish the meal with a taste of their healthy honey bar dessert made with fresh fruit, granola, and local honey! 

Next Level Nutrition – Milford  
Healthy Bar Experience 
Next Level Nutrition is the perfect pit-stop if you are driving through the state and ready to try something new! Enjoy their protein shakes with flavors ranging from cinnamon toast crunch to strawberry pretzel salad. Or if you’re looking for a little more “energ-tea” try their specialty teas like lemon lime, or cranberry aloe.  

Playa Bowls – Rehoboth, Middletown, Newark 
Coconut Bowls  
Playa Bowls is a great “home base” spot for any foodie adventurer. Mainly due to their selection of 7 Base options for delicious fruit bowls including acai, pitaya, coconut, green, banana, chia pudding, and oatmeal. Enjoy a bowl after a brisk walk near Rehoboth beach or grab a quick to-go snack in Middletown or Newark.  

Seed Eatery – Rehoboth Beach  
Seed Eatery is the place to-go for the healthiest ingredients to-go! Order online with the Seed Eatery App and begin building your own legendary “bowl.” Choose from ingredients like cinnamon pineapple, Asian tofu, hemp chicken salad and more to build your masterpiece. The perfect ending to a nutritious bowl includes their homemade Kombucha on tap, and a drive to the nearest beach to watch the ocean waves.   

The Juice Joint – Wilmington 
The Juice Joint is the spot for, you guessed it, juice! Featuring menu items like “Beets Me” made with red beets, or “Sweetie Pie” made with sweet potatoes. Take a seat in their indoor swings or take it to-go to enjoy the fresh air and scenic views of Riverfront Wilmington. 

Twist Juice Bar – Rehoboth Beach 
Avocado Toast 
Add a unique “twist” to your typical breakfast views with changing up your toast! Toast is one of Twist Juice Bar’s specialties. With options like Avocado Mash, the Elvis made with peanut butter and agave, or Mermaid toast with cream cheese, fresh fruit and mint. Whichever to-go toast option you choose you can “crust” that it will be tasty.