Running in DelawareThe fall season at the Delaware beaches can easily be described as a fitness paradise - no gym pass needed.  The conditions are near perfect with no humidity, sunny skies and 70 degree weather – glorious!!  What could be better then lacing up your favorite sneaks and heading out for a magnificent run?!  Leave your iPod at home - the peaceful sounds and sights of leaves falling, the ocean pounding against the beaches and dogs running free (in complete heaven) on the sand – might be the most perfect way to spend an hour and get fit at the same time.

Delaware Breakwater Junction TrailThe Delaware Junction and Breakwater Trail is a favorite place for a long run.  The 5- mile trail (or six if you start in Rehoboth) will take you on a journey though corn stalks, farm life, lush trees, foot-bridges that overlook breath-taking wetlands, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see a couple of peaceful, doe-eyed deer.  It’s a must for a fall exercise experience!