As winter melts away and spring blooms, it's time to embrace the warmth and vibrancy of the season. Delight in the refreshing flavors of spring at Delaware's top craft beverage spots. Let this handpicked list be your guide to savoring the essence of spring in every sip – use your Delaware On Tap passport to check in and earn prizes along the way!

Dewey Beer Company

Thrills Breeziana

Aged for 14 months in Newport Run barrels, this bright spring fruit beer is packed full of peach ice cream, ripe pineapples, oranges and cranberries.

Liquid Alchemy Beverage

Pineapple Mead Mosa

Not a seltzer nor a cooler, nor is it a spritzer. However, it's undeniably awesome! A light and refreshing beverage reminiscent of a mimosa with a delightful pineapple flavor.

Nassau Valley Vineyards-Winery

Meadow’s Edge White Wine

Find a refreshing springtime blend of fruity and sweet from Nassau Valley Vineyards. A honey sweetness up front dissipates to a nice clean finish in this blend of Seyval Blanc and Vidal Blanc.

Brimming Horn Meadery

“Seeds of the Underworld” Pomegranate Mead

Celebrate the thing that keeps the spring season so special... bees! Thanks to bees, we have beautiful blossoms that cover Delaware in the spring and, best of all, honey for the delicious Brimming Horn Mead! This mead embodies a unique blend of darkness and sweetness - The luscious pomegranate notes dance on your palate, accompanied by the subtle hints of honey, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors.

Jakl Beer Works

Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Stout

Some say the season is spring, some say the season is “Girl Scout Cookies.” Just like your favorite mint-flavored chocolate-covered cookie, this stout has a distinct peppermint and chocolate aroma with flavors of peppermint, chocolate and biscuit. No cookies were harmed in the production of this beer.

Salted Vines Vineyard and Winery

Sangria Slushie

This Southern Delaware spot may have you feeling like its summertime with its rotating wine slushes. But be sure to soak up the sweet moments the springtime brings like listening to live music accompanied by a cool breeze and a fruity sangria.

Painted Stave Distilling

Golden Hour Cocktail

Painted Stave Vodka, silver tequila, ginger, turmeric and lime set the tone for this smoky and citrusy cocktail! Best enjoyed with tacos from Taco Jardin!

Wilmington Brew Works

Duvette - Cherry Vanilla Limeade Sour

Spring is for the sweeter things in life, like this bold sour at Wilmington Brew Works. The tartness of cherry, the sweet smoothness of vanilla, finished off with a squeeze of lime and lingering