Amazing music lineup, check! Place to stay, check! Super excited, double check! Now, what should you pack for this awesome outdoors music funfest in the Woodlands? Here are some must-have items for Firefly Music Festival weekend!

1) Cash! Firefly is a cash only event. There will be ATMs available throughout the grounds.

2) A reusable water bottle. Free water refill stations are located throughout the festival grounds and Firefly will offer a limited edition water bottle for purchase. (Your water bottle will have to be empty when entering the grounds and glass containers are not permitted).

Firefly Music Festival What to Pack3) Comfy shoes! With the jam-packed schedule and new festival activities, you’ll need a good pair of sneakers or sturdy sandals after being on your feet all day and night!

4) Phone charger. Charging stations will be located around the festival grounds and trust us, you will definitely need to recharge after taking tons of photos and videos of your Firefly adventure! Oh, and don’t forget your phone! (Verizon and AT&T each have 4G towers that have been installed in the festival area).

5) A camera, of course! You’ll want to catch every moment with your friends on camera! (Non-professional cameras are allowed in the festival).

6) A wristwatch. Just in case your phone loses battery, you’ll have a back up option for knowing how much time you’ll have till the next show starts.

7) Sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, hat…prepare for the elements!

8) Rain ponchos or a waterproof jacket with a hood! Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend but just in case you’ll need a couple of rain ponchos or a light jacket to keep you dry! (Umbrellas are not permitted at the festival).

9) A blanket with room to share! Sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of Firefly with your friends.

10) A nice sized purse or backpack to carry all of the essential items! Personal lockers will be available at the festival.

11) Sanitary wipes, antibacterial sanitizer, dry shampoo, travel sized deodorant…anything you’ll need to get through three days outdoors.

12) What to wear? Something to make you stand out in the crowd and most importantly something comfortable! Remember it’ll be about 80 degrees, outside all day so, think shorts, sundresses and light colors!

Ready to hit the road? Create your own Firefly Pandora station to get pumped up and visit the Delaware Tourism mobile site for suggestions for places to dine and things to do in the area. For more information about what is permitted on the festival grounds, visit the Firefly Music Festival website.