There’s just something about your first trip to Delaware. You never forget the way the sun rose over the horizon with the ocean below seeming to stretch on forever. You always keep with you the smell of the gardens, the sweet perfume of flowers wafting through the air. Your first visit to Delaware, a state nicknamed The First State, is sure to be full of firsts with the help of this guide.

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Planning ahead is key, and there are lots of ways to do that with the help of online tools.

Search the Site: There is a wealth of information available on what to do and where to stay and eat on After checking out the suggestions, you can even book hotel stays and car rentals right on the site.

TNew Delaware Tourism Websitery Trip Planner: If you see an attraction, event, hotel or restaurant you like as you surf, click the heart icon above the item’s main photo. That will save it to your Trip Planner for easy retrieval later.

Ask the Advisor: Some of the best ideas for your first trip to Delaware could come from people on their tenth, 20th, 100th swing through the state. Delaware’s TripAdvisor page and its forums can provide a nearly endless supply of possibilities.


Delaware’s top destinations show off some of the best the state has to offer. They’re all easily within your reach on a single tank of gas.
Nemours Mansion and Gardens
Explore Estates: The DuPonts have been like the First Family of the First State for generations. Wandering the grounds of their mansions, Winterthur and Nemours, will transport you to another time and place, even all the way to 17th century France.

Find Firsts: Heading to Dover gives you the chance to travel back to 1787 – the year Delaware ratified the Constitution. Stop by the First State Heritage Park to stand in the exact spot where that momentous event happened.

Walk by Waves: Feel the ocean breeze, smell the salt in the air and play with the sand between your toes at one of Delaware’s beautiful beaches. From Lewes to Fenwick Island, the state’s beach options have consistently ranked as some of the best in the country.

Take the Trails: A great way to see the Delaware top to bottom is by way of The Trails of Discovery. Make stops along one of the five trails - covering food, drink, outdoors, history and geocaching. Download a passport for each trail you follow, because there are prizes at the end.