Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any websites that will suggest place to stay, eat and visit during my travels on the Delaware History Trail? 
Yes! Access hotel, restaurant and attraction listings here. You can also connect to the most up to date travel information, tips and deals by following Visit Delaware on social media!

Why are there 36 main sites and 15 additional sites?
The 36 sites include the most significant locations to Delaware’s history and heritage. These are the sites that will qualify participants to complete the Delaware History Trail. The additional sites known as the “Fabulous Fifteen” are suggested locations that you may want to explore while you journey through the history of the First State. 

Do you have maps of the locations?
Yes. To view county maps highlighting Delaware History Trail and "Fabulous Fifteen" locations, please click here.  Delaware History Trail Sign

How long will it take for me to receive the “Landmarks and Legacies” book?
Please allow approximately 14 business days for shipping.

Can I order the “Landmarks and Legacies” book without completing the Delaware History Trail?
Yes. But, the book will cost $25. To place an order for the book without completing the Delaware History Trail, please click here

Where are the Delaware History Trail signs located and what do they look like?
The Delaware History Trail signs are located within walking distance to the site locations. Various sign locations are noted within their site listings on the website or in the downloadable passport. The listings also contain phone numbers, addresses and web links for your convenience.   

For additional comments, suggestions or questions, please contact or call 866-284-7483.