A Guide to the Trail

History meets today on the Delaware History Trail, a collection of exciting destinations that reveals the little-known people and fascinating places that helped build the state we know today! 

Here’s how to get started on your journey – and remember, a limited-edition prize awaits those who complete these fun-and-easy tasks:

  • Pick the locations you’d like to visit from the online map.
  • Use the details from each location to plan your trip (route, lunch stops etc.)
  • Visit 10 of the 29 locations and take a photo of the site (feel free to include yourself, friends and/or family in the photo).
  • For a chance to win a limited-edition prize, upload your photos from the 10 DE History trail locations to https://www.visitdelaware.com/delaware-history-trail/upload-photos.
  • We’ll be in touch shortly to confirm your prize.


What’s the prize?
A limited-edition picture-puzzle featuring Delaware History Trail locations!

How long will it take to complete the trail?
You could spend weeks exploring the rich assortment of destinations, but remember, it’s not necessary to visit every site on the trail to get a prize. Start by picking 2 or 3 interesting sites, then spend just a day (or two) soaking in all they have to offer. The, come back for the next round.

Where should I start?
Try this strategy: Choose one of Delaware’s three regions – Northern, Central or Southern – and focus on the locations there. Or, pick a few based on your interests: “Outdoor” sites, or “museums.”

How will I know if I’m in the right place?
A Delaware History Trail sign will be posted prominently at each site.

Can I walk from location to location?
It’s best to go by car -- or jetpack, your choice.

You say I need to submit photos. Photos of what?
Preferably of yourself and your family/friends/dogs, posing in front of the Delaware History Trail sign. Remember to smile!

Will there be a test at the end?
No, but you’ll certainly qualify as a Delaware history geek!

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