Delaware History Trail

Journey through time in the state that started a nation! The Delaware History Trail spotlights culturally significant locations throughout the state of Delaware, providing an educational adventure for all ages. Fill out your Trail Passport and submit it to win a unique prize!


Delaware History Trail Top Experiences

Discover the Trail
Discover the Trail
Experience over 200 years of culture on the Delaware History Trail! Adventure to the meeting places of Native Americans, visit the site where the United States Constitution was first ratified, and learn about Delaware’s crucial role in the Industrial Revolution.
Explore history with professional historians and archivists at one of Delaware’s fine museums.
Historic Areas
Enjoy the fresh air while navigating one of Delaware’s culturally rich Historic Areas.
Nature Preserves
Connect with the wild at one of Delaware’s incredible Nature Preserves.
Tour the Nemours Estate
Tour the Nemours Estate

Enjoy a tour of the Nemours Estate! Construction began in 1909 under the supervision of Alfred I. DuPont, one of history’s most influential Delawareans. Marvel at crystal chandeliers, 18th-century furniture, and fine art collections.


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