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What to Consider Before Moving to Delaware

Interested in moving to Delaware? Whether you’re looking for the city lights of Wilmington or the ocean views of Bethany Beach, here’s everything you need to know before fast tracking your way to coastal living, countryside charm and city lights.

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First State Heritage Park
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Low Property Taxes

You may know about Delaware’s sales tax, or lack thereof, but what residents of Delaware may love more is the low property taxes. Coming in at a little over .5%, Delaware’s low property tax lets you spend more time, and money, enjoying your time in Delaware, and less on worrying about your home.

State Parks Throughout the State

No matter where in Delaware you decide to plant your roots, you’ll be sure to find a State Park nearby. In fact, Delaware has some of the earliest examples of preserved green space in the country and takes pride in its excellent collection of well-maintained scenic parks.
There’s plenty to explore and discover with 16 state parks and over 150 miles of trail to hike, bike, and walk.

It’s Time in Wilmington

Wilmington offers a unique opportunity for a more relaxed metropolitan experience. It has all of the dining, shopping, museums, and cultural touch points of a major city, but it’s also built around green spaces, including the famous DuPont estates and their sprawling grounds and gardens, which are only a few minutes away. 

You’ll also find Riverfront Wilmington, which has been revitalized into a waterfront space for restaurants and museums, as well as the Chase Center and Blue Rocks stadium. And if you need to travel out of Wilmington, the I-95 corridor and the Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Railroad Station are nearby, giving you easy access to Philadelphia, D.C., or New York City. 

Arts & Culture

With its year-round festivals, historic estates, museums, and theaters, Delaware always has something going. Whether it's rocking out with thousands of your friends at the Firefly Music Festival or taking in the charming chateaus of Northern Delaware, you can be sure to find something you can enjoy any day of the week.

The Dining and Craft Beer Scene

Combining the tastes of the Northeast, southern inspired dishes, and locally sourced seafood, you get the unique culinary experience that is Delaware. From freshly picked crabs in Southern Delaware to the James Beard nominated heightened cuisine in Wilmington, there is truly a dish for every palate that visits the state.

And a great meal can only truly be paired with a craft beverage. Delaware just happens to be home to over 30 craft breweries, wineries, distilleries, and meaderies. And for those adventurous few who are looking to visit every stop, there’s the DE on Tap app, to help guide your craft centric journey.

Retire in Delaware

Delaware, specifically Southern Delaware, has become an increasingly popular area to retire in. And it’s no surprise with no estate tax and low property taxes, temperate climate, and access to top healthcare facilities.
Retirees will also find that there’s plenty to do outside of their communities as well. Delaware is filled with fun history to explore, from historic forts to the DuPont estates. And the culinary scene offers variety and big flavors. With new restaurants popping up all the time you’ll always have a new dish to taste and cocktails to share with friends.

And when your kids and grandkids come to visit, you can take them to the miles of beach in Southern Delaware, explore history at First State Heritage Park, or a Blue Rock’s game in Wilmington.