The Ladybug Music Festival

  • Thursday, Jul. 19 - Friday, Jul. 20, 2018
  • Recurring daily
  • Time: 17:00:00 to 22:30:00
LOMA area, between 4th and 2nd street on Market
N Market Street
Wilmington, DE
  • Price: Free

The Ladybug Festival is an annual event celebrating women in music. The event was created in 2012 by Gable Music Ventures as a block party for the residents of the 2nd & Loma neighborhood in downtown Wilmington, Delaware. Ladybug Festival was Inspired in part by the announcement of Firefly Festival, which would bring tens of thousands of people into Delaware less than an hour from Wilmington. The announcement of Firefly was met with a lot of excitement, however, many were unable to afford the ticket price, and there was general disappointment from local artists that they weren't able to perform. Gable Music Ventures saw an opportunity to create an event the day before Firefly that would be free for all to attend, and would include entirely local emerging artists. The nomacre “Ladybug” was coined as the festival developed to be a celebration of women in music. The name not only insinuated an all female lineup, but made perfect sense as it's the state bug of Delaware. Gable Music Ventures put together the first Ladybug Lineup in about two weeks and spent a very short month getting the word out in Wilmington. 2012 featured twenty artists that played inside five businesses on Lower Market Street (LOMA) in the 2nd & Loma neighborhood. The photo below is the original lineup posing with Gayle Dillman and Jeremy Hebbel of Gable Music Ventures.