Go-to Guide Video Submissions

We need your help! The Delaware Tourism Office and Division of Small Business are giving you a new, simple way to highlight how Delaware businesses and organizations are operating during COVID-19 to help build consumer confidence. Please send us videos of your location by July 29th so we can share your message directly with consumers.

Please review the below guidelines and instructions on how to easily share video footage from your mobile phone so we can share with consumers. Building consumer confidence by showcasing how you are taking every precaution and measure to help ensure customer/ traveler safety during the pandemic is vital to messaging during this time.

In the steps below, you’ll be using your mobile device to take specific footage (we’ve made a checklist for you) and uploading to a program called Cinebody.

Step 1: Download the PDF instructions pertaining to your business

Step 2: Please review this video that explains how the Cinebody platform works for collecting your footage: https://vimeo.com/351430101

Step 3: Follow the instructions on the PDF with tips on how to shoot video on the mobile device, what types of shots to take, if you’re comfortable being on camera to answer the prompted questions please feel free to do so.

Step 4: Upload to Cinebody by July 29th

Step 5: The Delaware Tourism Office and Division of Small Business will edit content and release it to customers!

Please also consider taking part in the Division of Small Business Customer Protection Standards program to show customers that you’re making an effort to adhere to the state’s guidelines.

Sample videos:

Here are some sample videos to show the types of non-speaking video shots that would be helpful.