Wednesday, May 6
Impact of Tourism in Delaware

Tourism is a vital industry in Delaware. During these difficult times, safety comes first. But, the Spirit of Travel is strong and our industry will resilient. As a constant reminder of the hard work the industry is putting forward, please use #TourismStrongDE to share why tourism is important.

Tourism is great for visitors and locals alike, offering both with amazing recreational, cultural activities along with amazing dining and lodging options. In 2018:

  • Tourism was the fourth largest private employment sector in the state
  • Tourism as the state who accounted for $3.5 billion in economic impact
  • Delaware welcomed 9.2 million visitors
  • Visitors paid $545.1 million in state and local taxes and fees, without which each Delaware household would have had to pay an additional $1,562

It's important to remember in times like these, that Delaware will remain strong and bounce back together. The Spirit of Travel is strong and it’s important to the state’s economy that when the time is right, our industry will recover.

2019 Value of Tourism Infograph









Share these facts and figures with your communities and local legislators to remind them of the impact tourism has on the lives of all Delawareans.

Eventually life will return to normal and we will once again welcome visitors with open arms, keeping Delaware at the top of mind for those looking for their next great destination.

Sample social media posts:
The Spirit of Travel cannot be broken. We look forward to welcoming you back #TourismStrongDE
When the time is right, the spirit of travel will be strong. The tourism industry contributes $3.5 billion to the state's GDP. We look forward to the days of welcoming visitors again #TourismStrongDE

View this information as a PDF along with the National Travel and Tourism Week toolkit here.