Delaware's Bayshore Byway

Delaware's Bayshore Byway is a scenic, two-lane road that follows along the Delaware River and Bay Estuary. It offers visitors an intimate experience with the largest preserved coastal marshland on the east coast. Route 9 provides great views of spring and fall bird migration as well as stops in the historic cities of Old New Castle and Dover (Delaware's Capital).

The byway covers much of the state geographically and is approximately 100 miles of travel depending on your route selection. View wildlife and learn about the importance of bird migratory flyway zones & resting areas. Discover the tranquil open vistas and visit quaint town's that rich in maritime history.

Location: Colonial Courthouse in the City of New Castle, traveling south on Route 9 to the John Dickinson Plantation, at the intersection of Routes 9 and 113. Length: Approximately 50 miles Drive time: A little over an hour


Route 9 , DE

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