DGT Cauffiel House

  • 1016 Philadelphia Pike
  • Wilmington, DE 19809
  • Phone: (302) 761-6952
  • Visit Website

The coordinates will take you to the front of the cauffiel House which is part of Bellevue State Park and located on small hill overlooking the Delaware River. Near GZ is a old style hand water pump.

You need to look around and answer the following;

" A" = Number of second floor windows on front side of house (facing the river)

" B" = Number of windows/doors on ONE side of the small beige lighthouse looking structure. just to the south (Same number for all four of the sides.)

Check sum, A + B = 8

Enjoy the views and house, then go to the final cache a

t 3 9 Deg 46.A59 and 75 Deg 29.B28

Once the home of Daniel Cauffiel, advisor to the duPont family, the Cauffiel House was built in the early 1920s in the Colonial Revival-style. Influenced by his frequent travels to Europe, Cauffiel decorated the estate with unique furnishings from the 1930s, some of which remain. The Cauffiel family used the home as a summer residence, and two of his children lived at the house into the 1990s.

DGT Cauffiel House (Coordinates) - N 39° 46.520 W 075° 29.185

  • Number of Rooms: 6
  • Room Rate: $$$
  • Disabled Access:
  • Fee:
  • Group Friendly: