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The Delaware Tourism Office invites travel journalists to use our website, specifically the newsroom, for assistance in gathering information for your travel stories or guide books. Please contact us for help with content, itineraries, stock photography, directions, tips on unique locations or events, fact checking, and group media tours. For more information, contact

In order to provide the best possible service to members of the travel media, we have prepared the following guidelines. This is to ensure that all journalists receive equal treatment and have a pleasant and professional experience in visiting our state.

  1. Please credit all images provided by the Delaware Tourism Office to "the Delaware Tourism Office."
  2. All journalists seeking assistance in planning an independent tour must make their request a minimum of 60 days prior to their initial travel date. This is a courtesy to hotels, restaurants and attractions that make it possible for the Delaware Tourism Office to host travel writers and contributes significantly to a successful trip. Complimentary travel arrangements are not available during summer months.
  3. Journalists traveling independently are responsible for their own transportation to, from and around Delaware. Transportation around Delaware is only provided by the Delaware Tourism Office as part of a group media familiarization tour.
  4. Complimentary accommodations and attraction admissions are on a very limited basis and not available from May through October.
  5. The Delaware Tourism Office organizes group media tours. Please complete the form below to be considered for the next group media tour.

Thank you, in advance, for abiding by these guidelines. To be added to the Delaware Tourism Office media list, please complete the form below.

In addition, please forward at least two articles/transcripts that have been published or aired within the last 12 months. Fax, mail, or e-mail to the attention of:

Delaware Tourism Office
99 Kings Highway
Dover, DE 19901

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