Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in the trail?
Download a Delaware Outdoor Trail passport to track your participation. Find full details about the trail locations including; hours of operation, travel tips, suggestions for when to visit and icons showcasing activities available at that location. Complete at least 5 activities in each county (for a total of 15) and send the passport to Visit Delaware for a chance to win a prize.

Are the courses hard? Do I need to be super-fit?
The activities on the Delaware Outdoor Trail are designed to be enjoyed by casual travelers without specialized training or experience. Still, we recommend participants know their limitations and are ready to get a little wet and dirty.

Are there things to do, places to eat nearby?
Most all of the trail locations are located in managed areas close to towns, meaning that none are too far from a park facility, restrooms, restaurants, hotels and convenience stores. Visit the Plan your Trip section of our website for more things to do during your trip.

What are trail “passport codes”?
If you choose to take the trail challenge – completing five activities in each county – you will need to record the code from each trail you complete in your passport. The codes are located on Delaware Outdoor Trail signs posted at the starting point for each activity.

What do the Delaware Outdoor Trail signs look like?
Emblazoned with “Delaware Outdoor Trail,” the rectangular signs are blue and green, and have drawings of a fish and bird against a leaf and waves of water.

Can I mix up my activities – bike at one location, run at another – or do I have to choose one particular activity?
There are no rules limiting participants to certain activities. Some locations even offer several types of activities.

Can you complete two types of activities – say, biking and hiking -- at one location and count that as two passport check-offs?

Is there a time limit on completing the trail?
No – take as long as you’d like.

Do you need any special equipment?
Other than a trail-specific mode of transportation – a bike, or a canoe – most of the activities are suitable to anyone who has come dressed ready for prolonged outdoor action, e.g. substantial footwear, sturdy clothing, bug spray and sunscreen.

What does the bike route way-finding signage look like?
Travelers can follow the "OUT" way-finding signage while exploring the Delaware Outdoor Trail bike routes.

What are the bike laws in Delaware?
For information about the Child Bicycle Helmet Law and other pertinent bicycling laws, please visit the Delaware Bicycle Council website.

How can I travel around Delaware with my bicycle?
Delaware roadways are easy to navigate and public transportation throughout the state is available. DART buses are equipped with bike racks that can carry two bikes. There is no cost for your bike on the bus, just the passenger fee. Foot passengers on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry may bring their bicycle on board for travel to Delaware. Or you can rent a bicycle from Lewes Cycle Sports and have it delivered to the Lewes Terminal upon your arrival.

Does it cost anything to participate on the Delaware Outdoor Trail?
The trail itself foes not have any fees associated with it, but some locations and activities may require entry passes, fees or licenses. 

Are there any other trails like these in Delaware?
Delaware features a variety of outdoor-oriented trails, but this is the only one focused on this range of activities. Visit Delaware also sponsors four other tourism trails: the Delaware Culinary Trail, the Delaware Geocaching Trail, the Delaware on Tap app, and the Delaware History Trail.