Nage Restaurant and Bistro

Beach dining in Delaware

For generations, the Delaware beaches have made millions of memories out of just three simple things: The sea, the sand, and the seafood.

We’re talking about fresh steamed crabs, full of sweet, succulent meat. Just-shucked oysters, dressed simply and splendidly. Rockfish right off the boat, stuffed with shrimp and crab.

Of course, the top dining experiences in Delaware’s resort areas aren’t limited to seafood (though seafood holds a hallowed place). No matter what suits your taste, you’ll find that dining at the beach in Delaware stands out because of the attitude, the style -- the consistent approach to creating a casual-but-refined restaurant experience.

Some prefer the restaurants that lie closer to the culinary cutting edge, many located in Rehoboth Beach, such as Nage, a(MUSE.), Eden, Espuma, and Michy’s Relaxed Dining. Be sure to check out the sushi hotspot Cultured Pearl, where a shimmering rooftop water garden soothes and thrills, or try one of the many waterfront restaurants that are go-to favorites in Lewes and Fenwick Island, such as Gilligan’s or Catch 54.

Others cherish the beach spots that boast a more casual flair and fare – the places that are cherished by families, generation after generation: Grotto Pizza, Nicola Pizza, Thrasher’s Fries, and Ed’s Chicken & Crabs in Dewey Beach. The humble Delaware crabhouse – laid-back and sassy at their best – are the kind of must-try experience that helps define Delaware.

Before (and maybe after) dinner, don’t forget those places that have made celebrations and libations a Delaware beach tradition, including the Bloody Mary bar at The Starboard in Dewey Beach; and the Friday Taco Toss at The Lighthouse, also in Dewey Beach.

Wherever you go, no matter where your tastes take you at the Delaware beaches, food always seems to be a big part of the fun.


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