Crabbing & Crab Houses

In Delaware the blue crab holds a place of honor. For locals, the experience of sitting by the bay, crabbing with string in hand, or sitting down at a crab house to a pile of freshly steamed crabs, is one they'd be happy to share.


Drop a Line or Order a Bushel
Drop a Line or Order a Bushel
Get to know the real crab culture of Delaware. Gear up and find the perfect spot to drop your line or get the insider's scoop on where to find the freshest hottest steamed crabs in the state.
Beaches and Bays
Familiarize yourself with the water ways around Delaware to find the best crabbing spots.
Get the Right Gear
Whether by hand or by pot, find the right tools and bait for the job.
Waterfront Dining
Grab a table with a view of the water and enjoy freshly caught crabs.
Delaware Dining: Sambo's Tavern
Delaware Dining: Sambo's Tavern

Ready to start picking some Delaware crabs? Let an expert waterman guide you through the process and you’ll be picking crabs like the locals in no time.

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