Delaware Blue Crabs

Top Seafood Restaurants in Delaware

Seafood Dining is Delaware at its Best

Pristine stretches of the Atlantic Ocean and bountiful inland bays help make Delaware a delight for diners who love the sweet beauty of fresh seafood. At Delaware’s beach resorts, seafood’s simple sophistication is revered all along the coast, from the humblest crab house to the hottest fine-dining destination.

Sambo's TavernCertain Delaware restaurants are especially beloved for their distinct approaches to seafood dining. Sometimes the attitude is laid-back and down-home, the way it has always been at Delaware’s classic crab houses. Other times it’s about creativity and a cool flair, like they do it at Harry’s Seafood Grill (Wilmington), Cool Springs Fish Bar (Dover) and Henlopen City Oyster House (Rehoboth Beach).

Delaware’s scenic coastline and waterways deliver some of the freshest seafood around, including state staples like crab, clams, and rockfish. At places like Bluecoast in Bethany Beach, pristine water views match the high-end approach to coastal cuisine, while crowd-favorites such as Big Fish Grill (in Rehoboth and on the Wilmington Riverfront) enliven the sensibilities of old-school fish houses with modern flourishes.

Here are a few more of our favorites (starting in Northern Delaware and working south):

Feby’s Fishery (Wilmington): Old-school seafood classics, dependably done, have made Feby’s a local favorite for years.

Mikimoto’s (Wilmington): The go-to spot for sushi in the state’s biggest town.

Deep Blue Bar & Grill (Wilmington): Cool, hip and constantly conscious of creativity’s potential for elevating seafood.

Sambo’s (Leipsic): The quintessential Delaware crab house, simple in its approach, spectacular in its fulfillment of the succulent-and-spicy promise of steamed blue claw crabs. (Open seasonally)

Meding’s Seafood (Milford): Traditional approaches to the beloved fried-steamed-or-broiled seafood classics.

The Surfing Crab (Lewes): If you’re looking for the Delaware crab house experience at the beach, this is the place.

Go Fish! (Rehoboth Beach) and Go Brit! (Lewes). Sister restaurants proudly proclaim honest-to-goodness British fish-and-chips.

Stingray Sushi Bar (Rehoboth Beach): Smooth and sophisticated setting is well suited to the elegant aesthetics of sushi.

Cultured Pearl Rehoboth BeachMatt’s Fish Camp (Rehoboth Beach): Simple seafood classics from around the country, interpreted with an upscale-but-casual flair.

Cultured Pearl (Rehoboth Beach): The Delaware beaches’ iconic sushi spot – be sure to check out the rooftop dining area.

Fenwick Crab House (Fenwick Island): The blue claw crab in all its beauty – steamed, fried, sautéed or stuffed – is king around here.

Catch 54: Waterfront dining on Delaware’s scenic inland bays is a sure-fire memory-maker.

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